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Naked Lady 1

Every August, clusters of pink, funnel-shaped flowers on erect, naked stems fill the air with a sweet bubble gum smell. The leafless stems give this gorgeous flower its common name: Naked Lady. The botanical name is Amaryllis belladonna and the plant is native to South Africa, yet widely cultivated in California and other parts of the world. We only have a handful of them scattered on the hillside, but I look forward to their beauty and fragrance every year.

Naked Lady 2

Early Girls.JPG

The Early Girl tomatoes are the smallest specimen I’ve ever seen, but they are super flavorful. I guess it’s just too dry, even though the drip irrigation is on every day. The cherry tomatoes are doing OK and also very flavorful and sweet. We got a decent plate full of tomatoes


which turned into a great tomato salad for dinner.




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If you have stayed at our place, you may recall the giant door in the red barn that faced the parking lot – not practical, huge and heavy. We finally replaced it with a real entrance! This was one of these long-term projects we intended to do for years. Well, last weekend was the weekend to do it. Now there is a door you can open and lock easily. I think it gives the Red Barn a whole new invitng look, what do you think?

old red barnnew red barn inside new red barn

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tub viewOn a Saturday afternoon in February, I sat in the hot tub looking up at the motionless trees, the winter sunlight peaking through the branches. I noticed the lack of noise which accentuated the only sounds: the song of birds and the buzz of hummingbird wings.  The silence was utterly calming. In fact, every time I’m at Enchanted Meadows, I feel as if my heart rate slows down and I can breathe more deeply. It allows me pay closer attention to the details around me:

the patterns and colors of Madrone bark


the seeds on a ginger plant

tropic plant

the budding daffodils

daffodil buds.jpg

and the first flowering ones of the season

daffodil no flash

the contrast and hues of the sunset


I love it because it makes me feel enchanted.

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white bearded The word Iris means rainbow in Greek referring to all the different colors of this beautiful genus of flowers. There are some 300 species of Irises. The ones in our garden seem to really like it at Enchanted Meadows. The white bearded Irises’ subtle, sweet scent embraced the downhill lawn area – so pleasant.

The blue Dutch Irises looked royal and graceful. I adore orchids and freely admit that I think they are the most beautiful flowers in the world, but there are no true blue orchids. Maybe that’s why I am in awe of these blue beauties.

blue iris

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The remoteness of the North Coast keeps us coming back and in awe of how beautiful it is. Last weekend we watched and listened to a sea lion rookery stretched across one of the local beaches. What a privilege to see this!

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OK, our harvest has been very modest, but it feels so wonderful to eat homegrown food. Eating tomatoes right off the plants reminds me that tomatoes indeed are fruit – they are so sweet!

We picked blackberries and I made the first jam of the season, 13 jars. My mom would be so proud of me!

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When you live in deer country, you don’t plant roses. But when you inherit a rose that has grown for a decade or more in deer country, you are in awe. This climber, which I think is a Cecil Brunner- even though the flowers seem bigger- is one on my favorite survivors in the redwood forest.

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