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Naked Lady 1

Every August, clusters of pink, funnel-shaped flowers on erect, naked stems fill the air with a sweet bubble gum smell. The leafless stems give this gorgeous flower its common name: Naked Lady. The botanical name is Amaryllis belladonna and the plant is native to South Africa, yet widely cultivated in California and other parts of the world. We only have a handful of them scattered on the hillside, but I look forward to their beauty and fragrance every year.

Naked Lady 2

Early Girls.JPG

The Early Girl tomatoes are the smallest specimen I’ve ever seen, but they are super flavorful. I guess it’s just too dry, even though the drip irrigation is on every day. The cherry tomatoes are doing OK and also very flavorful and sweet. We got a decent plate full of tomatoes


which turned into a great tomato salad for dinner.




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ocean viewEnchanted Meadows once again earned its name this weekend: sun, 80 degrees, clear ocean view, and birds chirping all around us. It truly is the banana belt. The persimmon tree foliage is turning orange and pink and created a beautiful warm contrast against the cool green and blue colors of the forest, ocean and sky. Soon all the leaves will drop only to expose the fruit on the tree.

John surfed Moat Creek both days and without any hesitation said it was great – not a common comment – South swell, six foot, head high, glassy.

Thank you, Enchanted Meadows for recharging us!

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tub viewOn a Saturday afternoon in February, I sat in the hot tub looking up at the motionless trees, the winter sunlight peaking through the branches. I noticed the lack of noise which accentuated the only sounds: the song of birds and the buzz of hummingbird wings.  The silence was utterly calming. In fact, every time I’m at Enchanted Meadows, I feel as if my heart rate slows down and I can breathe more deeply. It allows me pay closer attention to the details around me:

the patterns and colors of Madrone bark


the seeds on a ginger plant

tropic plant

the budding daffodils

daffodil buds.jpg

and the first flowering ones of the season

daffodil no flash

the contrast and hues of the sunset


I love it because it makes me feel enchanted.

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Thanks very much to Julia and Ryan for sharing this wonderful review about their stay in Enchanted Meadows!

My boyfriend and I stayed here for 3 weeks in June and July and had a great time. The house was beautiful and clean, with a kitchen that had truly everything you need (even for baking a cake). It’s set back from the curvy, small, super steep road and it’s very quiet. Even though you can tell from the driveways that there’s a surprising number of houses hidden in the forest, they really are hidden. There are only two neighboring houses in view of the house – one was empty the whole time we were there, the other one was occupied only for the first few days. So it’s really very private. It’s very conveniently located, up the hill from Anchor Bay (tiny but complete with supermarket, coffee shop, and even a Thai restaurant) and only 4 miles from Gualala (still very small but complete with shops, supermarkets, pharmacy (make sure to check that one out, it’s not your everyday pharmacy) restaurants, and 2 gas stations). Even though we never ventured beyond Fort Ross to the South and Mendocino to the North, it turns out you can indeed spend 3 weeks on the Mendonoma coast without getting bored. We bought the local paper, looked at the event calendar, and did pretty much everything – be it craft bazaars and farmers’ markets in Gualala and Anchor Bay, or the Fourth of July fireworks and parade in Point Arena. Mainly, though, we went to all the beaches. Tip: we had our best seal/sea lion watching by far at the bottom of the cliffs at Fort Ross State Park, of all places, there’s a footpath down to where they’re lounging on the rocks right by the shore. We saw whales off Manchester beach and were buzzed by the hummingbirds in the garden by the house. Even a deer showed up twice. We didn’t want to leave and are still secretly plotting ways to just move to Gualala/Anchor Bay for good. Contact with Katrina was great, all our questions were answered promptly.

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ocean view

On Saturday it was 56 degrees at Ocean Beach, 107 degrees in Livermore, 70 degrees at Enchanted Meadows – where would you rather be? While much of the coast was fogged in, the weather at my house was absolutely spectacular: blue sky, a gentle breeze, the air filled with butterflies and birds.

lawn chairs chickenAB 6.7.13 004

The hummingbirds have broken the silence during their nesting season. An Anna’s hummingbird couple with their fledgeling were making a racket. They were darting back and forth between the feeder and the kniphofia. The little guy was all puffed up and adorably clumsy. I wonder how long his parents will allow him to stay in their territory.


beansI’m happy to report that some of the green beans have sprouted and appear to be thriving. If all goes well, they’ll be on my dinner plate in about 40 days.

Class of 2013On Friday night, I went to the Point Arena High School graduation to see our friend Quinn graduate. So proud of him! He is off to UC Davis to study physics, go Quinn!

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Our Christmas tenants were definitely challenged by some wet, stormy weather. They saw the beauty in it all and shared this gorgeous shot of the sunrise of December 26:


Unsettled weather and clouds make for a spectacular sunrise. Photo credit: Shannon and Adam.

And they captured the magical moment of simultaneous sun and rain – a rainbow in Gualala.


Shannon and Adam, thank you so much for coming back and bringing your infectious optimism to the North Coast! I love your comment, “Adam is convinced that our future home has to have heated bathroom floors.  :)”


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As 2012 comes to a close, I am grateful for the beautiful memories Enchanted Meadows has given me.

persimmons big basketTo all of you who have stayed at the house, thank you for returning, thank you for discovering it, thank you for taking such great care of it! Sharing this peaceful and relaxing place in the Redwoods is tremendously rewarding. I feel deeply honored that you have chosen to get married there, spend your honeymoon, escape from the city for a romantic getaway, or have a family vacation or gathering with friends. I wish you all the best for the New Year!

The easy pick

The easy pick

The persimmons are indeed from the tree between the main house and the hummingbird house. After the first, easy round of picking, we had to figure out how to reach the fruit in the upper branches.

A 12-foot ladder next to the persimmon tree

A 12-foot ladder next to the persimmon tree

Climbing a 12-foot ladder made us realize just how tall the tree is. The trick is not to look down!

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