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Persimmons and Rockfish

We were determined not to lose all the persimmons to the crows again like last year, so we picked the few the tree carried before they were fully ripe. I will store them with some apples to help them ripen. The pink leaves are so pretty.

On Sunday, Captain Quick took us rock fishing out of Point Arena Cove. The conditions were beautiful, a flat ocean and little wind.

If you’ve never seen a boat being launched at the Point Arena Pier, I encourage you to go see it some time. A giant hoist lowers the boat that is fitted with special straps onto the water. The weight of the boat suspended in the air – this Farallon weighs about 7,000 pounds – creates a lot of creaking. It’s a sight to behold.

So off we went. The views of Arena Cove and the light house were spectacular.

We had to work pretty hard to catch fish, but Captain Quick knows his spots. We eventually got limits of ling cod and a few canaries, coppers, gophers and China cod.

Ling cods sure look prehistoric and kind of scary, but they taste delicious. We enjoyed some of that, crab and local vegetables. Life on the coast is wonderful.


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Remote gardening has its challenges. Being here only a few days every month, I can’t check on the plants or the need for additional watering. I can’t pick the tomatoes or green beans when they are ready to be picked, so some of them go to waste.

However, we harvested enough this weekend to have a generous dinner of salmon, green beans and a tomato salad – wonderfully sweet flavors. 

We also had the very first snap peas which were delicious.

The row of Kniphofias I planted a couple of years ago was in full bloom, to the delight of the hummingbirds. They just can’t get enough of the nectar of those beautiful orange flowers.

On the other side of the hill, I saw an abundance of these orange flowers that I have never seen since we bought this place. I’ve seen the occasional flower spike but nothing like this.

I loved the orange and yellow dots against the backdrop of the magestic Redwood tree circle in the driveway. Bottom line, we just have to come up here more often.

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Being away from Enchanted Meadows for more than a month just feels wrong…and it was more than a month and it felt wrong. The place was ready for us, too. The wood pile and garden were in dire need for care.

We arrived to this:

At the end of the weekend, we left this:


Turning all the soil was quite a bit of work, but I love getting my hands dirty and feeling and smelling the soil.


I planted green bush beans and cherry tomatoes.



John replenished the woodpile with madrone logs.


The Dutch Irises displayed their beautiful blue.


It was so wonderful to be back at Enchanted Meadows! Be back soon.

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Sharing the House

It is so gratifying to share our humble house in Anchor Bay. Our last guests spent the weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. After their stay, Gregory sent me this amazing photo he took at night. Gorgeous colors. Thank you, Gregory!

house at night

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Bright Yellow

Nothing symbolizes spring to me like the bright yellow of daffodils. I love seeing those vibrant yellow patches all along Highway 1 when we drive up to Enchanted Meadows. I want to plant many, many more of them on our hill so that it can glow in yellow in the early spring and make it look even more enchanted. What a magical place!

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Schooner Gulch State Beach is my favorite beach in the world. It’s so otherworldly. There are two locations that have this geological formation of perfectly rounded boulders: New Zealand and Mendocino County.


I was so excited to show this amazing spot to my god daughter when she visited in December. Unfortunately, the minus tide was really late in the day and it was getting dark, so we didn’t have a chance to walk the whole beach, but we climbed up to the bluffs and looked north and down on the beach. With a passing winter storm, this was a breathtaking yet somewhat ominous view. I love how the coast offers different perspectives every time you visit.


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Point Arena has some of the best rockfish fishing anywhere! On Sunday, we were lucky enough to be invited by Captain Kane to prospect for some salmon and rockfish on his Farallon. Unlike other harbors, there is no ramp at Arena Cove. Instead, the boats are lowered into the water by a hoist. This is a little unnerving to watch the first time you see it.

boat launch.JPG

The salmon fishing wasn’t very successful, but the rockfish did their part. With five people, we came back with a nice box of fish

box.JPGincluding some big lingcod.

John lingcod

Thank you Captain Kane!

Brian Kane.JPG

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